Hoover Fellows Speak at SIEPR Economic Summit

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Hoover fellows John Taylor, William J. Perry, and George P. Shultz participated in an economic summit sponsored by the Stanford Institute of Economic Policy Research on February 11.

In the first session of the summit Taylor, on leave as a Hoover senior fellow while he serves as undersecretary for international affairs at the Department of the Treasury, and Anne Krueger, first deputy managing director with the International Monetary Fund, discussed the stability of the global economy. Noting that, at this time, there are no recessions, no financial crises anywhere in the world, Taylor said, "it's a remarkable change in circumstances," which he attributed to current policies.

Perry and Shultz did a joint presentation titled "How We View Terrorism," offering commentary from their unique perspectives. Perry, a Hoover senior fellow and a former secretary of defense, opened the presentation by saying "my view on terrorism is simple and stark, I fear we are headed toward an unprecedented catastrophe." Shultz, a Hoover distinguished fellow and former secretary of state, concurred with Perry and offered assertions and recommendations on dealing with terrorism.

See http://siepr.stanford.edu/home.html for transcripts of the speeches.