Hoover fellow Michael Boskin wrote:
In this, the 400th year since William Shakespeare’s death, the United Kingdom faces an existential question: To be or not to be “European.”

In the articles and interviews below, Hoover fellows share their insight concerning Brexit.

The Aftermath of the Vote
Berlin's Politics Of Appeasement, by Russell Berman
Will the Brexit Help Stoke Populist Movements?, by David Brady
Brexit or Fixit, by John Cochrane
Trade And Immigration After Brexit, by Richard Epstein
Law Talk: Brexit and Gators, by Richard Epstein
Brexit Dilemmas: Free Trade & Free Immigration, by Richard Epstein
The year of living improbably, by Niall Ferguson
The world after Brexit, by Niall Ferguson
The existential threat to the EU runs far wider than Brexit, by Timothy Garton Ash
As an English European, this is the biggest defeat of my political life, by Timothy Garton Ash
Tracing The 43-Year History Of The U.K. In The European Union, by Timothy Garton Ash
If you think Britain is angry and divided, look at the continent, by Timothy Garton Ash
Merkel Must Hold Europe Together, by Timothy Garton Ash
Calm Down, Brexit Will Not Be A Catastrophe, by Paul Gregory
The Classicist: “Brexit and the Future of Europe”, by Victor Davis Hanson
The End Of The European Union As We Know It, by Victor Davis Hanson
Anti-Brexit Elites Aren’t the Ones Who Suffer from Their Policies, by Victor Davis Hanson
Finding Out the Implications of the Brexit Vote, by David Henderson
Is Brexit a Monetary Shock?, by David Henderson
Tom Friedman on Brexit and Trump, by David Henderson
The Backlash That Became Brexit, by Josef Joffe
The U.K. Votes To Leave The E.U.: What Comes Next?, by Josef Joffe
Brexit: How Much Contagion, How Many Strategic Consequences?, by Josef Joffe
Out Of The Brexit Turmoil: Opportunity, by Henry A. Kissinger
Brexit And Institutional Investors, by Stephen Kotkin
The EU's Inflexible Bank Rules Risk an Italian Brexit, by Melvyn Krauss
How Brexit is a win for Putin, by Michael McFaul
The EU’s Path Forward, by Allan Meltzer
Brexit: Borders, Language, Culture, and Liberty for Britain, by Alvin Rabushka
How Brexit Will Change the World, by Kori Schake
Post-Brexit Defense Policy, by Kori Schake
Is Globalization to Blame for Brexit?, by Kori Schake
The Strategic Problems of Grexit, by Barry Strauss
Whither Economic Freedom Post-Brexit?, by John Taylor
U.S. stock markets absorbing Brexit shock, by John Taylor
The EU-Progressive Paradigm Is Falling Apart, by Bruce Thornton

For Brexit/Leave EU
A Cautious Yes On Brexit, by Richard Epstein
Why Britain Should Exit (Brexit) The European Union, by Alvin Rabushka

Against Brexit/Stay in EU
Should Britain Leave the EU?, by Michael Boskin
Take it from a divorcee: Brexit will cost you dear, by Niall Ferguson
Historical Arguments Against Rising Brexit Momentum, by Niall Ferguson
Here’s how to argue with a Brexiter – and win, by Timothy Garton Ash
What Would Kissinger Make of the Brexit Debate?, by Niall Ferguson on Kissinger
I Will Vote Remain, by Mark Harrison
David Cameron’s Gamble Is Paying Off, by Josef Joffe
Should Britain Stay, or Should It Go?, by Kori Schake
Brexit in Context, by Michael Spence
Don't expect Brexit Armageddon, by John Taylor

The European Delusion, by Michael Bernstam
Brexit vote has global consequences, by Elizabeth Cobbs
European Disunion, by Michael McFaul and John O’Sullivan


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