Hoover Institution Launches New Online Journal Defining Ideas

Monday, December 13, 2010
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John Raisian, the Tad and Dianne Taube Director at the Hoover Institution, announced the launch of Defining Ideas, the Hoover Institution’s revitalized online journal. This new communications tool is part of the Institution’s concerted efforts to convey to the public, lawmakers, educators, students, and others an in-depth understanding of important public policy issues. Crucial to this effort is a commitment to developing enduring solutions for the challenges that face the nation and the world: to advance ideas defining a free society.

Defining Ideas features the original work of Hoover fellows, task force members, and working group members who are working within the traditional disciplines of economics, history, law, and political science.

In addition to Defining Ideas, the public can read the latest op-eds and blog posts and see and hear online video and audio presentations directly from the front page of the Hoover Institution’s website (www.hoover.org).

Defining Ideas is the latest addition to Hoover’s Internet communications effort that includes Advancing a Free Society, the Hoover Channel on YouTube, Uncommon Knowledge, Facebook, Twitter, and RSS feeds.