New Finding Aids Posted Online

Thursday, March 10, 2011
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Finding aids to the collections described below are now available through the Online Archive of California.

Joan Beecher Eichrodt collection, 1872–2002
The sound recordings, transcripts, and summaries of interviews, printed matter, and photographs in this collection relate to nationalism and separatism in Chechnia and elsewhere in the Caucasus. As a Voice of America correspondent, Eichrodt made frequent trips to the Soviet Union. From 1994 to 1996, after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, she traveled extensively in the Caucasus, interviewing hundreds of local government officials, citizens, and refugees on separatist movements and territorial conflicts.

Center for Democracy records, 1985–2003
The Center for Democracy is an American private, nonprofit foundation for the promotion of institutions of democratic government abroad. Its records relate to legislative, judicial, and electoral processes in newly democratic countries. They include reports, conference proceedings, minutes, correspondence, briefing books, press releases, photographs, and sound and video recordings.

Committee on the Present Danger records, 1967–92
These records relate to American politics and foreign policy, Soviet-American relations, and American and Soviet defense and military policy. They include correspondence, minutes, reports, and printed matter of the committee, a private American organization promoting a strong national security policy. The collection also includes records of the earlier Citizens' Committee for Peace with Freedom in Vietnam, which concern US policy during the Vietnam War.

The Governor and the Students videotape series, 1973–74
This televised series of question-and-answer sessions with high school students were conducted by Ronald Reagan when he was governor of California. The videotapes and selected transcripts relate to state and national political issues.

Franklin Lindsay papers, 1943–98
Lindsay was an army officer attached to the Office of Strategic Services (O.S.S.) from 1944 to 1945, after which he was involved in Europe's reconstruction. An increment of reports, memoranda, and correspondence relates to resistance movements in Yugoslavia during World War II, Allied relations with Yugoslavia, O.S.S. operations in Yugoslavia and Austria, postwar economic reconstruction in western Europe, the Organization for European Economic Cooperation, and American foreign aid to Europe.