New Finding Aids Posted Online

Tuesday, March 22, 2011
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Finding aids to the collections described below are now available through the Online Archive of California.

Charles Wesley Ervin collection, 1927–73
This collection concerns international Trotskyism. Ervin assembled these internal bulletins, minutes, pamphlets, and serial issues produced by Trotskyist organizations in India, Sri Lanka, the United States, and elsewhere and by the International Secretariat for the Fourth International. Also included are some minutes of the Workers (Communist) Party of the United States.

Alfred Max Loewenthal papers, 1886–1980
The papers of Alfred Max Loewenthal, an official of both electrical workers' and teachers' unions, deal with Communist Party influence in US unions, AFL-CIO efforts to counteract communist influence in unions abroad, unions' educational activities, and the unionization of educational workers. The collection consists of correspondence, minutes, reports, and printed matter.

Subversive Activities Control Board records, 1950–73
A product of the Internal Security Act of 1950, this quasi-government agency was empowered to hold hearings to determine whether various US organizations were "communist-action" or "communist-front" groups. The records consist of hearing transcripts, decisions, and reports related to making that determination. A set of these records is also available at the National Archives and Records Administration.

B. Prianishnikov papers, 1921–80
Boris Prianishnikov was a Russian American author and journalist. His collection provides details on the disappearance of émigré Russian generals A. P. Kutepov (in 1930) and E. K. Miller (in 1937) from Paris, Russian émigré anticommunist groups and their penetration by the Soviets, White forces during the Russian Revolution, Russian displaced persons after World War II, and the Narodno-Trudovoi Soiuz organization. It contains writings, correspondence, reports, and printed matter.