Newly Digitized Collection Material Now Available

Tuesday, January 30, 2018
this is an image

this is an image
Photograph of Bertram and Ella Wolfe, n.d. Bertram Wolfe papers, envelope A

Hoover Library & Archives has recently made new collection material available through its digital portal. See below for details concerning the materials now available for viewing. 


William J. Casey Papers

Declassified records of intelligence activities in the 1940s and 1980s


Charles A. Lockwood Papers

US submarine activities in the Pacific during WWII


Robert L. Capp Papers

Photographs of Hiroshima after the atomic bombing


Esther Walker Collection

Heinrich Himmler family photograph album


Das Judentum als Weltproblem

Nazi propaganda concerning Jews


Civil Affairs Training School Records

US planning for Europe after WWII


Jay Lovestone Papers

Declassified records concerning post-WWII labor in Germany


Bertram David Wolfe Papers

Declassified records relating to communism in the 1950s


Walter Henry Judd Papers

US foreign affairs in the 1950s


Richard Thomas Kennedy Papers

Declassified records concerning the Three Mile Island nuclear accident and other energy matters


Dixy Lee Ray Papers

US energy policy in the 1970s


Christopher Temple Emmet Papers

Anti-communist activities in the 1950s


Wilbur Eveland Papers

US foreign affairs in the Middle East in the 1950s


Milton E. Miles Papers

Declassified records concerning China and Latin America in the 1950s


Rodney Kennedy-Minott Papers

Declassified records of the US ambassador to Sweden, 1970s


Charles Hill Papers

Reports from the US political officer in Hong Kong in the 1960s


Edwin Francis Gay Papers

US economic activities during World War I