We have all watched in horror the events that unfolded at our nation’s Capitol today. It has been one of the most difficult days that I can remember for America and for us as citizens of this great country. 

What we witnessed was a stain on our democracy -- whatever your political views -- that must never be repeated. We at Hoover stand for freedom, expressed through the institutions that our founding fathers created, not in the actions of the mob. Peaceful protest is a long held right of democracies but that is not what happened today.  

The desecration of the US Capitol building is a flagrant violation of the rule of law and an attack on the democratic processes that have been underway. Those who participated should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The United States of America has long been an example to countries around the world for our commitment to democracy and the peaceful transfer of power, even during the most difficult of times. The will of our citizenry is heard in free and fair elections and governed by time-tested institutions thoughtfully designed by our founding fathers. We will get through this.

The time has come for our leaders, most especially the President, to facilitate the peaceful transfer of power. As the world's oldest continuous democracy, we owe this to ourselves and to those across the world who look up to us. 

As members of the Hoover community devoted to the principles of democracy, let us rededicate ourselves to the responsibilities as citizens to respect our institutions and each other.  

Best wishes, 

Condi Rice


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