Statement By Director Tom Gilligan: General James Mattis For Secretary Of Defense

Thursday, December 1, 2016
Hoover Institution, Stanford University
General James N. Mattis, USMC (Ret.).
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US Department of Defense
General Jim Mattis bio photo
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Rick Reil Realife Photography

STANFORD, CA: I congratulate President-Elect Trump on the nomination of our esteemed colleague General James Mattis as secretary of defense. There's no one better suited to guide our military and nation in these consequential times. We wish General Mattis the best of luck in his new endeavor and commend President-Elect Trump on choosing one of the smartest minds and most strategic thinkers of our time.

CONTACT INFORMATION:  Jenny Mayfield | Office of Public Affairs | Hoover Institution jennymayfield [at] | 650-723-0603


About General James Mattis:

General James Mattis is the Davies Family Distinguished Visiting Fellow at the Hoover Institution. He has been nominated to be the Secretary of Defense. He studies national security issues, specifically strategy, innovation, the effective use of military force and the Middle East while writing a book on leadership. General Mattis commanded at multiple levels in his forty-three year career as an infantry Marine.

Before retiring in 2013 he was the Commander of U.S. Central Command, directing military operations of over 200,000 soldiers, sailors, airmen, Coast Guardsmen, Marines and allied forces across the Middle East. He is co-editor of the book, Warriors & Citizens: American Views of Our Military.