Another segment in the Chinese-language television documentary series about Joseph Stilwell, including footage shot at the Hoover Institution, can be viewed in its entirety on You Tube. To view the segment taped at Hoover, forward to 1:14.

This segment includes extensive, close-up footage of Stilwell’s World War II diaries, which are held by the Hoover Institution. Comments about Stilwell and the diaries by John Easterbrook, Stilwell’s grandson, are in English.

This segment has several subparts:

1:14 - Stanford University and Hoover Institution buildings (Chinese)

1:26 - Easterbrook at Hoover Archives (Chinese)

1:40 - Stilwell diaries and Easterbrook's comments about them (English)

2:50 - Stilwell diaries and Easterbrook (Chinese)

3:47 - Easterbrook talks about the relationship between Stilwell and Chiang Kai-shek (English)

4:33 - Hoover Tower (Chinese)

4:47 - End of Hoover segment

Transcripts of Stilwell’s World War II diaries are available on the Hoover Library and Archives website.

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