Vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan presents some of his ideas for fixing government during his 2011 visit to Hoover

Monday, August 13, 2012
Congressman Paul Ryan
Congressman Paul Ryan

US member of Congress and Republican vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan, representing Wisconsin’s First Congressional District, visited the Hoover Institution in 2011, to highlight the need to repeal and replace President Obama’s health care law. “We know that the first step toward real, bipartisan advances in health policy must start with a full repeal of the president’s partisan law,” Ryan said during remarks to Hoover Institution supporters.  “But the case for repeal must be matched with even greater intensity by a case for replacing the law with structural reforms and real solutions to the problems Americans are facing in health care.” Ryan, underscoring the need to engage the nation in a serious debate on health care, put forward a principled reform agenda that confronts health care inflation. He emphasized the need to switch from “the open-ended, defined-benefit approach of the past to market-oriented, defined-contribution reforms that promote choice and competition.”
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