Hoover Institution Fellows on Japan, Asian Economic Crises available for interviews.

Monday, August 10, 1998

Tetsuya Kataoka, Research Fellow. Expertise: East Asian Affairs, with an emphasis on Japan, U.S.-Japan relations, Japan's domestic politics and foreign policy, new world order.

Lawrence Lau, Senior Fellow, Expertise: Economic Development, the economies of East Asia, including China. Author, "The Chinese Economy in the Twenty-First Century: An Econometric Approach."

Thomas H. Hendrikson, Senior Fellow. Expertise: U.S. foreign policy and international political affairs, U.S. foreign affairs, Asian politics and security. Editor: "North Korea after Kim Il Sung," (Hoover Institution Press, 1997).

Walter Hoadley, Senior Research Fellow, Expertise: Economic/ financial decision making, world-wide economic forecasting. He is the former chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, chairman of the Conference of the Twelve Federal Reserve Banks.

Abraham Sofaer, Senior Fellow. Expertise: International relations, national security affairs, U.S. foreign policy. Legal adviser, U.S. Department of State, 1985-1990 and a former Federal Judge.

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