Hoover Institution: Herman Wouk: The Novelist as Social Historian by Hoover Fellow Arnold Beichman Recently Reissued

Tuesday, December 7, 2004

The book Herman Wouk: The Novelist as Social Historian (Transaction Press, 2004), by Hoover research fellow Arnold Beichman, first issued in 1984, was recently reissued. This classic edition includes a new introduction that brings Wouk's writings over the last two decades (including his recently released A Hole in Texas) up to date.

Given the turbulent times of the first few years of the twenty-first century, this book will interest a new generation of readers in the writings of Herman Wouk—a living legacy of work that exemplifies an extraordinarily perceptive preoccupation with American society in war and peace.

Upon reading this new edition, William F. Buckley commented, "How fine to have Arnold Beichman's guide to the funniest and most readable and most moving of contemporary authors!"

Arnold Beichman, a political scientist, writer, and former journalist, has been a visiting scholar and research fellow at the Hoover Institution since 1982. He is a regular columnist for the Washington Times, and his articles are published in numerous newspapers across the United States and Canada. Beichman has been a member of the editorial advisory board of the Washington Times since 1984.

Beichman's other books include The Other State Department, Yuri Andropov: New Challenge to the West (coauthored), Nine Lies about America, with a foreword by Tom Wolfe (republished in 1995 with a new introduction under the title Anti-American Myths: Their Causes and Consequences ), and The Long Pretense: Soviet Treaty Diplomacy, 1917–1990, with a foreword by William F. Buckley. His latest book is CNN's Cold War Documentary: Issues and Controversy (Hoover Press, 1999).

Herman Wouk: The Novelist as Social Historian
by Arnold Beichman
ISBN: 0-7658-0836-6 $24.95 paperback
144 pages August 2004