The Hoover Institution and have joined forces in a publishing partnership to expand access to historical posters in the Hoover Institution's vast archival collection.

The Hoover Institution Archives features rare and unique historical images related to war, revolution, and peace, including a renowned collection of historical and political posters., an "on-demand" digital publisher, provides a unique service for institutions seeking to maximize public awareness of collections while generating revenue.

The director of the Hoover Institution Library and Archives, Elena S. Danielson said, "The Hoover Institution is pleased to offer high-quality full-color reproductions of historical materials with those who also share our appreciation of history and art."

Hoover joins institutions such as the Bancroft Library at the University of California, the Boston Public Library, the California State Library, and the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco in the venture under the "special collections" category.

Currently, approximately 250 posters, including many promoting the American Red Cross, the branches of the U.S. armed forces, and others relating to war efforts, are posted on the Zazzle site ( The Hoover Institution Archives and Zazzle staff continue to scan and process American posters to be included in the Zazzle site. The site also carries links to the Hoover Institution home page and the Hoover Institution exhibit pavilion page ( offers a full line of consumer merchandise, including fine art prints of rare and historic images, note cards, greeting cards, and posters of varying sizes and quality.

Zazzle's latest reproduction techniques guarantee high-quality products. Images are printed on the highest-quality materials, resulting in reproductions that do not fade, crack, or weaken with age. Digital printing capabilities allow Zazzle to manufacture and ship any item within 24 hours of order placement.

Royalties from the sales of these materials benefit the collections, programs, and services of the Hoover Institution Archives.

Matt Wilsey, business development manager for, described the significance of the Hoover Institution's participation in this state-of-the-art publishing venture, "The Hoover Institution goes beyond simply being a vault of significant material. The Archives are crucial in providing the public with a glimpse behind the causes and consequences of political, economic, and social change during the twentieth century. We are happy to be part of their efforts to disseminate these historical and beautiful images."

The Hoover Institution, founded at Stanford University in 1919 by Herbert Hoover, who went on to become the 31st president of the United States, is an interdisciplinary research center for advanced study on domestic public policy and international affairs, with an internationally renowned archives.

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