Is Indonesia heading towards revolution? Millions of Indonesians plan to demonstrate this week, while westerners evacuate.

Tuesday, May 19, 1998

Dr. Hilton Root, senior research fellow with the Hoover Institution, is an expert on Indonesia's economy and political affairs. With Suharto's own cabinet and ruling Golkar party turning against him in the wake of last week's rioting, Roots says, "Indonesia no longer has a functioning financial system because it does not have a functioning political system. The people with the most to lose have taken their dissatisfaction to the streets and in the coming months this may develop into a full scale revolution should demonstrations intensify and spread."

Dr. Root is a prolific writer and a frequent contributor to the Asian Wall Street Journal and the International Herald Tribune. He is the author of India: Asia's Next Tiger? (Hoover Essay in Public Policy), Small Countries, Big Lessons: Governance and the Rise of East Asia, and co-author of The Key to the Asian Miracle: Making Shared Growth Credible, which won the Levin Prize from the International Political Science Association. He is also a junior fellow at the Institute of Policy Reform and is the former Chief Consultant on Governance at the Asian Development Bank in Manila.

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