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Fast Times at Annandale High

by Chris Caldwellvia Hoover Digest
Thursday, July 30, 1998

The stated goal of President Clinton’s Advisory Board on Race is to heal racial rifts. In practice, it widens them. By Hoover media fellow Christopher Caldwell.

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Social Security and Abracadabras

by John F. Coganvia Hoover Digest
Thursday, July 30, 1998

President Clinton stated two years ago that the era of “big government” is over. Unfortunately, no one seems to have told his budget director. Hoover fellow John F. Cogan takes a closer look at the latest budget—and doesn’t like what he sees.

The Modern State as an Occasion of Sin

by Jennifer Roback Morsevia Hoover Digest
Thursday, July 30, 1998

The usual defense of the welfare state? That whatever its economic inefficiencies, it accomplishes a great deal of good. Hoover fellow Jennifer Roback Morse begs to differ. A rigorous essay in economics—and moral theology.

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The Second Tocquevillian Age

by Michael Baronevia Hoover Digest
Thursday, July 30, 1998

Postindustrial America looks a great deal more like Alexis de Tocqueville’s America than the industrial America in which most of us grew up. In many ways, that should be reassuring—and in a few ways alarming. An essay by Hoover media fellow Michael Barone.

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Brave New Beauty

by Henry I. Millervia Hoover Digest
Thursday, July 30, 1998

Advances in genetic engineering may make it possible for people to alter their genetic structure for purely cosmetic purposes. Should the government intervene? Hoover fellow Henry I. Miller thinks not.

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California, High and Dry

by Terry Andersonvia Hoover Digest
Thursday, July 30, 1998

With California on the verge of a major water shortage, bureaucrats are proposing wildly expensive and inefficient responses. Hoover fellow Terry L. Anderson wonders why they haven’t considered the simplest solution of all—letting the market work.


What's Gone Wrong in America's Classrooms

via Hoover Institution Press
Wednesday, July 15, 1998

These essays identify key failures in modern American education and illuminate some ways in which those in the teaching profession—and their students—can achieve higher levels of performance, making the case for content-rich education and explicit teaching.

A Nation Still at Risk

by William J. Bennett, Willard Fair, Chester E. Finn Jr., Rev. Floyd H. Flake, E. Donald Hirsch Jr., Will Marshall, Diane Ravitchvia Policy Review
Wednesday, July 1, 1998

Fifteen years after A Nation at Risk galvanized the education reform movement, little has changed.

The Tax Revolt Turns 20

by Steven Haywardvia Policy Review
Wednesday, July 1, 1998

Steven Hayward bids happy 20th birthday to the tax revolt—and hopes for a long and prosperous life

Liberalism’s Mean Streets

by Dan Coats, Spencer Abrahamvia Policy Review
Wednesday, July 1, 1998

How conservatives can reverse urban decline