Angelo M. Codevilla

To make effective policy decisions, we need to understand the histories behind the subjects in question that propel them to do what they do, all of which extend back far before our times.

Fred Kagan

Although technology may seem to revolutionize or transform war, it does not negate the fact that war always has been and always will be a conflict between human beings. When that simple fact is forgotten and history's lessons are ignored, terrible strategic decisions arise.

Kimberly Kagan

It is essential for any citizen in a democratic state to understand the history of warfare: how nations in the past interacted, made decisions, and faced consequences. With these tools we can create stronger leadership and be able to hold them accountable as an educated public.

Edward N. Luttwak

Military history is not something that one studies to use as a tool to win a battle. Rather, it can serve as a reminder of they ways in which one can lose.

Peter Mansoor

Military conflict has been essential in the development of civilization and society; we need to understand this if we want to create policy that will advance us in the future.

Ralph Peters

Knowledge of military history is especially important for military officers and those who advise them. Military officers today do not have a broad enough understanding of the history of warfare. Present-day catastrophes abroad could have been easily avoided had those in charge been properly educated.

Kori Schake

Military history is a valuable tool that can be used to assist in the formation of current public policy. Strategika in particular is a venue from which one can learn to apply the correct historical lesson to a given situation.

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