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10, 9, 8, 7 … 51?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

No big secret to know that, without a GOP win in California, the U.S. Senate likely stays Democratic

Now that the dust has settled in Delaware and the shocker in that state’s Republican senatorial primary, here’s what we know that we didn’t 48 hours ago:

1) The Democrats’ most effective rebuttal to the Tea Party might be . . . Karl Rove?

2) Or it might be Sarah Palin, whose involvement in Delaware – the fruits of her labor producing a general-election candidate with a tougher row to hoe — was characterized by Charles Krauthammer as “disruptive and capricious”.

3) At some point after Nov. 2, the GOP and the Tea Party will decide if indeed they dance a political tango in 2012 — and, if so, who leads?

4) The Republican dream of a 51-seat majority next January seems less likely, though not improbable.

5) California, with its toss-up Boxer-Fiorina race, just got a lot more important.

Here’s why . . .

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