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Arena: Have Democrats sold out?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Arena:  Does former Obama White House counsel Greg Craig's new role advising Goldman Sachs show that Democrats have become a corporatist party?

Robert Zelnick:  Here are a few simple suggestions for following the war of words over lobbyists, a war that President Obama recently escalated with an uncalled for smear directed at the Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell., The President accused McConnell of visiting with financial industry lobbyists in New York before coming home to fight Democrats seeking to pre-empty future Wall Street melt-downs by today imposing a harsh regulatory regime. Of course, a day or two of honest reporting showed the President's rhetoric to be a touch McCarthyism, as was similar innuendo delivered during the campaign. Then, it could be argued, the idealistic young contender was committed to change and thought Wall Street an appropriate symbol of an industry begging for reform.t. The more seasoned Obama is bright enough to know political thuggery when he practices it.

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