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Arnold, Lauer and Legacy

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lauer and Schwarzenegger at the Women's Conference

The big news coming out of Maria Shriver’s Women’s Conference yesterday in Long Beach is how the two gubernatorial candidates reacted to Matt Lauer’s challenge to stop their war of negative ads.

Jerry Brown was hesitant at first, handling the curveball question clumsily, slipping into weasel-worded nuance mode (as he did when asked about the “whore” comment in the last debate) before jumping on the audience bandwagon and going with the flow.

Whitman wasn’t any better. She couldn’t seem to decide if it was a good idea or a stunt/trap. So she didn’t go along with Jerry, didn’t suck up to Matt and was roundly booed by some of the 14,000 (mostly women)in attendance.

And sitting in the middle of the two candidates and relishing the sheer awkwardness of it all: Arnold Schwarzenegger, who seemed to think Lauer had a great idea.

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