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Sunday, February 2, 2020

Coronavirus: Beijing clamped down on whistleblowers (subscription required)
by Philip Sherwell
via The Sunday Times on February 2, 2020

As Virus Spreads, Anger Floods Chinese Social Media
by Raymond Zhong
via The New York Times on January 27, 2020

Early missteps and state secrecy in China probably allowed the coronavirus to spread farther and faster (subscription required)
by Gerry Shih, Emily Rauhala, and Lena Sun
via The Washington Post on February 1, 2020

You Can Now Go to Jail in China for Criticizing Beijing’s Coronavirus Response
by David Gilbert
via Vice News on January 30, 2020

Chinese Woman Whose Relatives Died From Wuhan Coronavirus Berates the Chinese Regime (subscription required)
by Olivia Li
via The Epoch Times on January 31, 2020

Why WHO Praised Beijing’s Response to the Coronavirus [当全世界都在质疑中国 世卫为什么倍加赞扬?]
via Radio Free Asia on January 28, 2020

President Says Taiwan Must Join World Health Organization to Fight Coronavirus
via Radio Free Asia on January 30, 2020

Press Statement: ICAO’s Outrageous Practice of Blocking Twitter Users Who Reference Taiwan
by Morgan Ortagus
via U.S. Department of State on February 1, 2020

Xi Jinping’s New “Little Red Book(s)”
by Yang Xiangwen
via Bitter Winter on January 31, 2020

In Hong Kong, coronavirus brings panic – and fresh fury toward the government (subscription required)
by Shibani Mahtani
via The Washington Post on January 30, 2020

Pompeo Calls China’s Ruling Party ‘Central Threat of Our Times’
by Marc Santora
via The New York Times on January 30, 2020