Business Is Far from Usual in Hong Kong
by L. Gordon Crovitz and Mark Clifford
via Wall Street Journal on November 15, 2022

China in Eurasia: Xi Gets Pragmatic about Russia at the G20
by Reid Standish
via Radio Free Europe on November 16, 2022

Why Japan Should Join AUKUS
by Michael Auslin
via Foreign Policy on November 15, 2022

China’s broken promise of prosperity
by George Magnus
via UnHerd on October 19, 2022

Why India overtaking China as most populous country is more than symbolic
by Julian Borger
via The Guardian on November 14, 2022

The Future of US-China Relations
by George Friedman
via Geopolitical Futures on November 15, 2022

Will China and Co. really dominate the 21st century? Asian decline is more likely
by Simon Commander and Saul Estrin
via The Globe and Mail on November 16, 2022

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