Articles On: National Security, Himalayan Boarder Tensions, US-Japan Alliance, Drills in Taiwan, and Mysterious Air Base

Friday, September 18, 2020

The Chinese National Security State Emerges from the Shadows to Center Stage
by Tai Ming Cheung
via China Leadership Monitor on September 1, 2020

India and China meet to defuse Himalayan border tensions (subscription required)
by Amy Kazmin
via Financial Times on September 10, 2020

India accuses China of 'kidnapping' its citizens at border
via Al Jazeera on September 7, 2020

U.S.–Japan Alliance Remains Insufficient Against Growing Chinese Military Threat
by Bruce Klingner
via Heritage Foundation on September 11, 2020

Taiwan denounces large-scale Chinese drills near island
by Yimou Lee and Ben Blanchard
via Reuters on September 10, 2020

New Chinese Space Plane Landed at Mysterious Air Base, Evidence Suggests
by Geoff Brumfiel
via NPR on September 9, 2020