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Sunday, January 26, 2020

The strange tale of the paid protesters supporting Meng Wanzhou at her extradition hearing
by Karin Larsen
via Canadian Broadcasting Channel on January 21, 2020

Djibouti Rejects Court Ruling to Hand Back Container Terminal: The East African country took over the Doraleh box terminal and gave control to China
by Costas Paris
via Wall Street Journal on January 17, 2020

A year of Euro-summits will reveal much about China’s worldview (subscription required)
via The Economist on January 23, 2020

Making Foreign Companies Serve China: Outsourcing Propaganda to Local Entities in the Czech Republic
by Martin Hala
via Jamestown Foundation on January 17, 2020

Mass Line Internet Control
by David Bandurski
via China Media Project on January 6, 2020

Norwegian library refuses demand from Chinese skiers to remove Falun Gong book
by Matthew Strong
via Taiwan Times on January 4, 2020

The Story of China’s Economic Rise Unfolds in Switzerland
by Keith Bradsher
via The New York Times on January 20, 2020

Japanese Communist Party slams China in first platform change since 2004
via Japan Times on January 18, 2020

Sweden summons Chinese envoy over 'lightweight boxer' remark
by Jari Tanner
via Associated Press on January 18, 2020

U.S. Turns Up the Spotlight on Chinese Universities (subscription required)
by Kate O’Keeffe and Aruna Viswanatha
via Wall Street Journal on January 21, 2020