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Sunday, June 12, 2022



TWEET – We call upon the PRC to stop attributing false statements to U.S. officials or taking other actions that might subject our diplomats to harassment.​ Such action potentially endangers the U.S. officials being named and is inconsistent with the PRC’s obligations to treat United States diplomats with due respect and take all appropriate steps to prevent any attack on their freedom or dignity.
via U.S. Embassy to the People’s Republic of China on June 7, 2022

Xi Jinping bans grumbling inside the Communist Party
via The Economist on June 2, 2022

Why a Top Chinese Influencer Got Taken Offline
by James Palmer
via Foreign Policy on June 8, 2022

China’s new vassal: Vladimir Putin
by Stuart Lau
via Politico on June 6, 2022

China encourages public to help with national security with cash for tip-offs

by Martin Quin Pollard
via Reuters on June 7, 2022

China’s Risky Revival of Mao-Era Grassroots Mobilization Methods
by Dan Macklin
via The Diplomat on June 7, 2022

Nike to end its Run Club app in China in the latest retreat by a US brand
via ABC News on June 8, 2022

Crude, Ugly and Pro-American? China Investigates Images in Math Textbooks.
by Austin Ramzy
via New York Times on May 31, 2022

China’s Lockdowns Prompt a Rethinking of Life Plans Among the Young
by Liyan Qi and Shen Lu
via Wall Street Journal on May 29, 2022

Manoj Kewalramani on Reading the People’s Daily, Daily
by Andrew Peaple and Manoj Kewalramani
via The Wire China on May 22, 2022

The China shock: Germany turns away from its biggest trading partner
by Matthias von Hein
via Deutsche Welle on May 27, 2022

Hong Kong Police Quash Vigil to Mark Tiananmen Square Massacre
by Selina Cheng
via Wall Street Journal on June 4, 2022

Puzzling Profits: Why is it so hard to know what multinational companies make in China?
by Eliot Chen
via The Wire China on June 5, 2022

Taiwan will never forget China’s Tiananmen crackdown, says president
by Yimou Lee and Ben Blanchard
via Reuters on June 4, 2022

WHO: COVID origins unclear but lab leak theory needs study
by Maria Cheng and Jamey Keaten
via Associated Press on June 9, 2022