Bound to Be Free

Wednesday, January 6, 1982

Why is that in the land of the free, special interests control what you eat, wear, and drive, while the government tells you how your children will be educated and how much you'll pay for life's essentials?

In Bound To Be Free—a book as clear and direct as it is powerful and persuasive—noted economist Richard B. McKenzie identifies the forces destroying you bit by bit and shows what can be done now to stop the erosion of individual and marketplace freedom before it is too late! In a daring departure, McKenzie argues that the key to each person's freedom is a business community free of government favor as well as interference. Only a reassertion of the principles of constitutional democracy will really speak to the people's deeply felt need to "get the government off our backs."

Citing case after case, McKenzie demonstrates that the root problem is that everyone but the ultimate consumer is paying the "economy-by-government game."

Bound To Be Free goes beyond a tough objective delineation of our economic malaise. It provides a hard-hitting, multifaceted program that includes a free market constitutional amendment, and enforceable way to limit the government's ability to levy taxes and print money, and a novel procedure to eliminate the control of Congress by special interests. The result is a message of hope and freedom for all Americans.

Copyright 1982.