The Business of Commerce: Examining an Honorable Profession

Monday, March 1, 1999

The authors of this book examine the prejudiced view that all business is inherently immoral and come to the conclusion that this view is dangerously wrong. The Business of Commerce: Examining an Honorable Profession

  • Explores the cultural, philosophical, and theological sources of the bad reputation suffered by business in Western culture
  • Samples prominent opinion, from Plato to Galbraith
  • Examines the fundamental dichotomies of a society that seeks prosperity, yet disdains the very processes by which prosperity is achieved
  • Traces the ideologies that undermine the moral standing of commerce
  • Builds the convincing case that antibusiness sentiment rises primarily from the belief that human nature and human life find their higher value in an otherworldly realm, that earthly life finds its unworthy equal in the struggle to improve life in the lower realm . . . the business of commerce

The Business of Commerce: Examining an Honorable Profession demonstrates why such a view is unreasonable, unwarranted, and unjust. It presents compelling evidence that the profession of business is no less worthy of respect than the professions of medicine, science, art, or education. Along the way this book explores a number of related subjects that lead to a sobering conclusion: Unless a positive attitude emerges, economic prosperity will elude the very societies that need it most.

Copyright 1999.