Is California On Your Mind?

Thursday, August 9, 2018
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California on Your Mind is a new biweekly journal from the Hoover Institution about California politics, California policies, and the California economy. This online journal, written by Hoover Senior Fellow Lee Ohanian and Hoover Research Fellow Bill Whalen, fills an important need by delivering detailed, real-time economic and political analysis twice each week about the state that has become the world’s 5th largest economy.

California on Your Mind ranges far and wide, explaining why California not only boasts many of the world’s most innovative and brilliant organizations and individuals, but at the same time is home to one in four of the country’s homeless. It explains why prices of tiny tear-down homes are bid into the stratosphere while nearly half of Californians barely keep up with housing costs. It sheds light on why the state struggles to fix crumbling roads, dams, and schools even though it is one of the highest tax states in the country.

Most important, California on Your Mind will highlight policy reforms that can help restore the “California Dream” that sadly seems lost to many Californians. As California votes in a new governor this fall, California politics and policies will become even more interesting. Enjoy this week’s content, and stay tuned for more.