Capital for Our Time: The Economic, Legal and Management Challenges of Intellectual Capital

Monday, November 2, 1998

Capital For Our Time is among the first to bring together experts from widely different fields to address the challenges of intellectual capital. It includes essays by cutting-edge academics, economists, attorneys, researchers, intellectual capital managers, and CEOs as well as representatives of the venture capital, government, and trade association communities. Prominent professionals discuss the impact of intellectual capital on national and corporate performance including

  • The role of ideas in economic growth
  • The effectiveness of the legal system in protecting idea-based property rights
  • The demands of knowledge management
  • Investor, policy maker, and management perspectives on valuing intellectual assets
  • The impact of intellectual capital on business relationships
  • Specific challenges of the Internet and the Genome Project
  • Impending changes and opportunities in the international regime
  • Intellectual capital and the innovation imperative

Copyright 1998.