Curriculum reform is the one approach that hasn’t yet been tried to break out of the exhausting cycle of education reforms that consistently fail to move the needle on academic improvement. Rather than hope that higher pay and merit-based rewards will eventually create a better teaching cohort, we should adopt high-quality instructional materials for all classrooms and train teachers on their effective implementation—starting now.

About the Author

Robert Pondiscio is a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, focusing on K–12 education, curriculum, teaching, school choice, and charter schooling. He previously worked at the Thomas B. Fordham Institute and the Core Knowledge Foundation and is the author of How the Other Half Learns. His became involved in teaching and education policy after a twenty-year journalism career.


5. The Case for Curriculum: Since A Nation at Risk, Education Reform Efforts Have Mostly Stopped at the Classroom Door by Hoover Institution on Scribd

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