China Explores South Sudan’s Oil Sector without Environmental Care

by Mary Ajith Goch
Tuesday, January 25, 2022



In South Sudan, a consortium of oil companies from the People’s Republic of China has been operating without proper provisions for environmental audits and waste management. Although oil production contributes over 90 percent of South Sudan’s income, the enduring issues of waste management and accountability are putting the future of oil production and those who live in and around the oil-producing states at risk.

China Explores South Sudan’... by Hoover Institution

About The Author

Mary Ajith Goch works as the director of the Catholic Radio Network, a national organization of nine community-based radio stations in South Sudan and Sudan. She previously served as the chairperson of the Association for Media Development, a member-based association for independent media, and as a journalist with The Citizen, a newspaper in South Sudan.

About the Author