A Discussion of the Assassination of Boris Nemtsov and Russian Intelligence

Thursday, April 11, 2019

On March 14, Hoover Library & Archives welcomed Hoover Senior Fellow John Dunlop and David Satter, Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute, for a talk entitled “Researching a Brazen Assassination: The February 2015 Murder of Russian Opposition Leader Boris Nemtsov.” Drawing on years of scholarship and investigative reporting, Dunlop, whose book on the topic was recently published by ibidem-Verlag, and Slatter discussed the assassination of Nemtsov and the trials of his alleged Chechen killers in detail, and fielded questions about a new era of political maneuverings and intelligence strategies under Putin. Attendees came away with a new understanding of the workings of the Kremlin and state control of information in twentieth-century Russia.