These working papers were circulated by Hoover scholars from 1988–2001. The series is no longer active.

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Paper Number Author(s) Title
Working Papers in Economics
E-88-18 Edward P. Lazear and Sherwin Rosen Male/Female Wage Differentials in Job Ladders
E-88-19 Gertrud M. Fremling and John R. Lott, Jr. Why Short-Lagged Relationships are More Easily Identified
E-88-20 Thomas W. Ross On the Relative Efficiency of Cash Transfers and Subsidies
E-88-21 Charles E. McLure, Jr. U.S. Tax Laws and Capital Flight from Latin America
E-88-22 Russell Roberts Subsidies to Private Spending on Public Goods
E-88-23 John Kennan Equilibrium Interpretations of Employment and Real Wage Fluctuations
E-88-24 Christopher J. Maule and Thomas W. Ross Canada's New Competition Policy
E-88-25 Satyajit Chatterjee and Russell Cooper Multiplicity of Equilibria and Fluctuations in an Imperfectly Competitive Economy with Entry and Exit
E-88-26 John Kennan Simultaneous Equations Bias in Disaggregated Econometric Models
E-88-27 Anne Wortham Schumpeter and His Critics on the Future of Capitalism
E-88-28 James H. Stock and David A. Wise Pensions, the Option Value of Work, and Retirement
E-88-29 James H. Stock and David A. Wise The Pension Inducement to Retire: An Option Value Analysis
E-88-30 Jonathan Eaton The Firm and Worker Loyalty
E-88-31 Jonathan Eaton and Maxim Engers Intertemporal Price Competition
E-88-32 Valerie Y. Suslow and Timothy F. Bresnahan Short-Run Supply with Capacity Constraints
E-88-33 John F. Cogan The Evolution of Congressional Budget Decision-making and the Emergence of Federal Deficits
E-88-34 Edward P. Lazear Adjusting to an Aging Labor Force
E-88-35 David Altig and Steve J. Davis Government Debt, Redistributive Fiscal policies, and the Interaction between Borrowing Constraints and Intergenerational Altruism
E-88-36 Joel W. Hay Econometric Issues in Modeling the Costs of AIDS
E-88-37 John J. McCall An Introduction to Exchangeability and Its Economic Application
E-88-38 John J. McCall Exchangeability and the Structure of the Economy: A preliminary Process Analysis
E-88-39 Kyle Bagwell and Robert W. Staiger A Theory of Managed Trade
E-88-40 Thomas W. Gilligan and Keith Krehbiel Collective Choice without Procedural Commitment
E-88-41 Mikhail S. Bernstam Malthus and the Evolution of the Welfare State: An Essay on the Second Invisible Hand
E-88-42 Mikhail S. Bernstam Malthus and the Evolution of the Welfare State: An Essay on the Second Invisible Hand
E-88-43 Keith Krehbiel and Douglas Rivers Sophisticated voting in Congress: A Reconsideration
E-88-44 Keith Krehbiel Are Congressional Committees Composed of Preference Outliers?
E-88-45 Joseph Farrell and Carl Shapiro Optimal Contracts with Lock-In
E-88-46 Thomas W. Ross Raising an Army: A Positive Theory of Military Recruitment
E-88-47 John Kennan and Robert Wilson Strategic Bargaining Models and Interpretation of Strike Data
E-88-48 Milton Friedman The "Plucking Model" of Business Fluctuations Revisited
E-88-49 Patrick Bolton and Joseph Farrell Decentralization, Duplication and Delay
E-89-1 Alan M. Garber and Thomas MaCurdy Nursing Home Utilization Among the High-Risk Elderly
E-89-2 Suzanne Scotchmer and Jerry Green Novelty and Disclosure in Patent Law
E-89-3 Joseph Farrell and Carl Shapiro Horizontal Mergers: An Equilibrium Analysis
E-89-4 Harry Flam and Robert W. Staiger Adverse Selection in Credit Markets and Infant Industry Protection
E-89-5 Eugene Kandel and Edward P. Lazear Peer Pressure and Partnerships
E-89-6 Bernard Dumas and Bertrand Jacquillat Performance of Currency Portfolios Chosen by a Bayesian Technique: 1967–1985
E-89-7 Joseph Farrell and Robert Gibbons Cheap Talk with Two Audiences
E-89-8 Kenneth L. Judd and Michael H. Riordan Price and Quality in a New Product Monopoly
E-89-9 Edward P. Lazear Pensions and Deferred Benefits as Strategic Compensation
E-89-10 Thomas MaCurdy Measures of Welfare Dependency: An Evaluation
E-89-11 Thomas MaCurdy A Synthesis of the Behavioral Aspects of Welfare Dependency and an Assessment of the Findings
E-89-12 Milton Friedman The Crime of 1873
E-89-13 Joseph Farrell and Carl Shapiro Asset Ownership and Market Structure in Oligopoly
E-89-14 Robert Hessen Do Business and Economic Historians Understand Corporations?
E-89-15 Edward P. Lazear Economic Approaches to the Psychology of Organizations
E-89-16 David Altig and Steve J. Davis Altruism, Borrowing Constraints, and Social Security
E-89-17 Joel W. Hay Projecting the Medical Cost of HIV/AIDS: An Update with Focus on Political Epidemiology
E-89-18 Maria Eugenia Muniagurria A Dynamic Model of International Transfers of Technology
E-89-19 Maria Eugenia Muniagurria A Model of Growth with Technology Adoption
E-89-20 Robert W. Staiger and Frank A. Wolak Strategic Use of Antidumping Law to Enforce Tacit International Collusion
E-89-21 Bernard Dumas and Bertrand Jacquillat The Money and Bond Markets in France: Segmentation vs. Integration
E-89-22 Jerry Green and Suzanne Scotchmer Technological Licensing and the Novelty Requirement in Patent Law
E-89-23 Suzanne Scotchmer and Myrna Holtz Wooders Monotonicity in Games that Exhaust Gains to Scale
E-89-24 Milton Friedman Bimetallism Revisited
E-89-25 Joseph Farrell Standardization and Intellectual Property
E-89-26 Dennis Epple and Thomas Romer Mobility and Redistribution
E-89-27 Neil Gandal and Suzanne Scotchmer Coordinating Research Through Research Joint Ventures
E-89-28 Ramon Marimon, Ellen McGrattan and Thomas J. Sargent Money as a Medium of Exchange in an Economy with Artificially Intelligent Agents
E-89-29 Laurence R. Iannaccone Sacrifice and stigma Reducing Free-Riding in Cults, Communes, and other Collectives
E-89-30 Kit-Chun Lam, Pak-Wai Liu, and Richard Yur-Chim Wong Wage Structure with Moral Hazard in Job Search
E-89-31 Dilip Abreu and David Pearce A Perspective on Renegotiation in Repeated Games
E-89-32 David Altig and Steve J. Davis The Timing of Intergenerational Transfers, Tax policy, and Aggregate Savings
E-89-33 Steve J. Davis and John Haltiwanger Gross Job Creation, Gross Job Destruction and Employment Reallocation
E-90-1 Kyle Bagwell and Robert W. Staiger The Sensitivity of Strategic and Corrective R&D Policy in Oligopolistic Industries
E-90-2 Kyle Bagwell and Robert W. Staiger The Sensitivity of Strategic and Corrective R&D Policy in Battles for Monopoly
E-90-3 Michael L. Wachter and Randall D. Wright The Economics of Internal Labor Markets
E-90-4 Eric Smith and Randall Wright Why is Automobile Insurance in Philadelphia So Damn Expensive?
E-90-5 Joel W. Hay and Frank A. Wolak Bootstrapping HIV/AIDS Projection Models: Back Calculation with Linear Inequality-Constrained Regression
E-90-6 Thomas W. Gilligan Imperfect Competition and Basing-Point Pricing: An Application to the Softwood Plywood Industry
E-90-7 Juergen Schroeder and Gerhard Ruebel The Economic Effects of Expected Monetary and Fiscal Policy in Small Open Economies—An Intertemporal Approach
E-90-8 Robert W. Staiger and Frank A. Wolak The Effect of Domestic Antidumping Law in the Presence of Foreign Monopoly
E-90-9 Jonathan S. Feinstein and Frank A. Wolak The Econometric Implications of Incentive-Compatible Regulation
E-90-10 Milton Friedman and Anna J. Schwartz Alternative Approaches to Analyzing Economic Data
E-90-11 Thomas MaCurdy, David Green and Harry Paarsch Assessing Empirical Approaches for Analyzing Taxes and Labor Supply
E-90-12 Mikhail S. Bernstam The Wealth of Nations and the Environment
E-90-13 Dilip Abreu and Arunava Sen Virtual Implementation in Nash Equilibium
E-90-14 Dilip Abreu, Paul Milgrom and David Pearce Information and Timing in Repeated Partnerships
E-90-15 Robert W. Staiger and Frank A. Wolak Collusive Pricing with Capacity Constraints in the Presence of Demand Uncertainty
E-90-16 Mark Bils Selling versus Producing in Market Fluctuations
E-90-17 Mark Bils Wage and Employment Patterns in Long-Term Contracts when Labor is Quasi-Fixed
E-90-18 Mark Bils Indexation and Contract Length in Unionized U.S. Manufacturing
E-90-19 John F. Cogan and Timothy J. Muris Domestic Discretionary Spending in the 1980's
E-90-20 Marvin B. Lieberman Exit from Declining Industries: "Shakeout" or "Stakeout"?
E-90-21 Marvin B. Lieberman Determinates of Vertical Integration: An Empirical Test
E-90-22 Thomas Romer and Barry R. Weingast Political Foundations of the Thrift Debacle
E-90-23 Avner Greig, Paul Milgrom and Barry Weingast The Merchant Gild as a Nexus of Contracts
E-90-24 Edward P. Lazear The Job as a Concept
E-90-25 R. Mark Gritz and Thomas MaCurdy Unemployment Compensation and Episodes of Nonemployment
E-91-1 Dilip Abreu and Hitoshi Matsushima Virtual Implementation in Iteratively Undominated Strategies: Complete Information
E-91-2 Dilip Abreu and Hitoshi Matsushima Virtual Implementation in Iteratively Undominated Strategies: Complete Information
E-91-3 Milton Friedman The Island of Stone Money
E-91-4 Rudolf Richter A Socialist Market Economy—Can It Work?
E-91-5 Edward P. Lazear List Policies and Bait-and-Switch Strategies
E-91-6 Rita Ricardo-Campbell Business, Health Care Costs and Competition
E-91-7 James A. Kahn Why is Production More Volatile than Sales? Theory and Evidence on the Stockout-Avoidance Motive for Inventory Holding
E-91-8 James A. Kahn Debt, Asymmetric Information, and Bankruptcy
E-91-9 John R. Oneal The Monetary Value of Conscription
E-91-10 Bertrand Jacquillat and Sylvie de Laguiche A Quasi Process Free Valuation Model of Floating Rate Instruments
E-91-11 Kyle Bagwell Pricing to Signal Product Line Quality
E-91-12 Kyle Bagwell Competitive Limit Pricing under Imperfect Information
E-91-13 Edward P. Lazear Prices and Wages in Transition Economies
E-91-14 Akihiko Matsui and Kiminori Matsuyama An Approach to Equilibrium Selection
E-91-15 Laurie Simon Bagwell and B. Douglas Bernheim Conspicuous Consumption, Pure Profits, and the Luxury Tax: Some Surprising Consequences of Perfect Competition
E-92-1 Kyle Bagwell and Garey Ramey Coordination Economies, Advertising and Search Behavior in Retail Markets
E-92-2 Charles Kolstad and Jim Leitzel Efficiency and the Non-Enforcement of Penalties
E-92-3 Kiminori Matsuyama Agricultural Productivity, Comparative Advantage, and Economic Growth
E-92-4 Kiminori Matsuyama Imperfect Competition, Foreign Trade, and the Multipliers: Machlup-Metzler Fifty Years Later
E-92-5 Annelise Anderson The Case for Monetary Competition in the Transition from Plan to Market
E-92-6 Kiminori Matsuyama, Nobuhiro Kiyotaki, and Akihiko Matsui Toward a Theory of International Currency
E-92-7 Kenneth L. Judd Projection Methods for Solving Aggregate Growth Models
E-92-8 Michael Kuehlwein Planned and Unplanned Transfers Among the Affluent
E-92-9 Edward P. Lazear Compensation, Productivity and the New Economics of Personnel
E-92-10 John Rust Do People Behave According to Bellman's Principle of Optimality?
E-92-11 Kiminori Matsuyama Custom Versus Fashion: Path-Dependence and Limit cycles in a Random Matching Game
E-92-12 Alessandra Casella and Jonathan S. Feinstein Public Goods in Trade: On the Formation of Markets and Political Jurisdictions
E-92-13 Kiminori Matsuyama The Market Size, Entrepreneurship, and the Big Push
E-92-14 Antonio Ciccone and Kiminori Matsuyama Start-up Costs and Pecuniary Externalities as barriers to Economic Development
E-92-15 Ju-ichi Yamanaka Institutional Behavior of Japanese Commercial Banks—An Empirical Perspective
E-92-16 Michael Kuehlwein Disaggregate Evidence on the Substitutability Between Public and Private Spending
E-92-17 Edward P. Lazear Some Thoughts on Savings
E-92-18 Kiminori Matsuyama Making Monopolistic Competition More Useful
E-92-19 Bertrand Jacquillat The Dual Method of Corporate Profits Distribution in France: An Empirical and Clinical Study 1983-1991
E-92-20 John R. Walker The Effect of Public Policies on Recent Swedish Fertility Behavior
E-92-21 Peter C. Cramton and Joseph S. Tracy The Determinates of U.S. Labor Disputes
E-92-22 Alan F. Kremen Health Care Reform: Defining Rights, Setting Limits, and Paying Off the Bill
E-93-1 Bronwyn H. Hall R&D Tax Policy During the Eighties: Success or Failure?
E-93-2 Gillian K. Hadfield Overinvesting in Relationship-Specific Information under Short-Term Contracting
E-93-3 Ilya M. Fishman and Michael S. Berstam Nucleation of the Private Competitive Sector and Dissipation of the State Sector During Transition from a Socialist to a Market Economy
E-93-4 Edward P. Lazear Incentives in a Research Environment
E-93-5 Ju-ichi Yamanaka Transition in the Institutional Behavior of U.S. Commercial Banks—A Comparative Perspective
E-93-6 Antonio Ciccone and Robert E. Hall Productivity and the Density of Economic Activity
E-93-7 Debra J. Aron Innovation, Imitation, Technology Differentiation, and the Value of Information in New Markets
E-93-8 Donald J. Brown, Peter M. DeMarzo and B. Curtis Eaves Computing Equilibria on the GEI Model
E-93-9 Rita Ricardo-Campbell, James A. Albright and Eugene E. Bleck Medical Care in the United States: An Analysis of the Current System and a Proposal
E-93-10 Bronwyn H. Hall Industrial Research During the 1980s: Did the Rate of Return Fall?
E-94-1 Edward P. Lazear Bait-and Switch
E-94-2 Orazio P. Attanasio and Guglielmo Weber Is Consumption Growth Consistent with Intertemporal Optimization? Evidence from the Consumer Expenditure Survey
E-94-3 Orazio P. Attanasio and Steven J. Davis Relative Wage Movements and the Distribution of Consumption
E-94-4 Orazio P. Attanasio The Intertemporal Allocation of Consumption: Theory and Evidence
E-94-5 Sherwin Rosen Managerial Compensation, Control and Investment
E-94-6 John G. Matsusaka Fiscal Effects of Direct Legislation: Evidence from the Last 30 Years
E-94-7 Edward L. Glaeser Economic Growth and Urban Density: A Review Essay
E-94-8 Edward L. Glaeser The Incentive Effects of Property Taxes on Local Governments
E-94-9 John G. Matsusaka and Vikram Nanda A Theory of the Diversified Firm, Refocusing, and Divestiture
E-94-10 Edward L. Glaeser and Jose A. Scheinkman Neither a Borrower Nor Lender be: An Economic Analysis of Interest Restrictions and Usury Laws
E-94-11 Edward L. Glaeser and David C. Mare Cities and Skills
E-95-1 Edward L. Glaeser and Jose A. Scheinkman The Transition to Free Markets: Where to Begin Privatization
E-95-2 Edward L. Glaeser, Bruce Sacerdote and Jose A. Scheinkman Crime and Social Interactions
E-95-3 Kenneth L. Judd The Optimal Tax on Capital Income is Negative
E-95-4 Edward L. Glaeser, Jose A. Scheinkman and Andrei Shleifer Economic Growth in a Cross-Section of Cities
E-95-5 Alan F. Kremen Capitalism and the Ethic of Care: New Directions for Policy, Philosophy, and Leadership
E-95-6 David M. Cutler and Edward L. Glaeser Are Ghettos Good or Bad?
E-95-7 Michael Kremer and Eric Maskin Segregation by Skill and the Rise of Inequality
E-95-8 Michael Kremer Integrating Behavioral Choice into Epidemiological Models of AIDS
E-95-9 Michael Kremer Assortative Marriage and the Dynamics of Inequality
E-95-10 Edward L. Glaeser Should Transfer Payments be Indexed to Local Price Levels?
E-95-11 Matthew E. Kahn and John G. Matsusaka Demand for Environmental Goods: Evidence from Voting Patterns on California Initiatives
E-96-1 Thomas G. Moore Health and Amenity Effects of Global Warming
E-96-2 Barton H. Hamilton, Vivian H. Hamilton, and Harry J. Paarsch Access, Utilization, and Equity in Canada and the U.S.: An Empirical Model of Physician Visits
E-96-3 Stephen G. Donald, David A. Green, and Harry J. Paarsch Differences in Earnings and Wage Distributions between Canada and the United States: An Application of a Semi-Parametric Estimator of Distribution Functions with Covariates
E-96-4 Holger M. Müller Approximating the First-Best in Agency Models with Step Function Contracts
E-96-5 Holger M. Müller Randomization in Dynamic Principal-Agent Problems
E-97-1 Peter C. Reiss and Ingrid M. Werner Interdealer Trading: Evidence from London
E-97-2 Thomas G. Moore A Reformulation of Utility Theory or It All Comes from Sex
E-97-3 Ignacio Palacios-Huerta The Pricing of Human Capital and Financial Assets
E-98-1 Alan M. Taylor Latin America and Foreign Capital in the Twentieth century: Economies, Politics, and Institutional Change
E-98-2 Gerardo della Paolera and Alan M. Taylor Economic Recovery from the Argentine Great Depression: Institutions, Expectations, and the Change of Macroeconomic Regime
E-98-3 Ignacio Palacios-Huerta and Jesus J. Santos An Essay on the Competitive Formation of Preferences
E-98-4 Rudolph Richter European Monetary Union: Initial Situation, Alternatives, Prospects—In the Light Modern Institutional Economics
E-00-1 Rudolph Richter Macroeconomics from the Viewpoint of Modern Institutional Economics
E-01-1 Charles Ka Yui Leung Relating International Trade to the Housing Market: The Case of Tariff
E-01-2 Charles Ka Yui Leung Productivity Growth, Increasing Income Inequality and Social Insurance: The Case of China?
E-01-3 Charles Ka Yui Leung and Chung Yi Tse Increasing Wealth and Increasing Instability: The Role of Collateral
Working Papers in Political Science
P-91-1 John A. Ferejohn and Barry R. Weingast A Positive Theory of Statutory Interpretation
P-92-1 Seymour Martin Lipset The Sources of Political Correctness on American Campuses
P-92-2 Charles Stewart III and Barry R. Weingast Stacking the Senate, Changing the Nation: Republican Rotten boroughs, Statehood Politics, and American Political Development
P-92-3 Alessandra Casella and Johnathan S. Feinstein Public Goods in Trade: On the Formation of Markets and Political Jurisdictions
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