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"Echo”-ing Across California

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

“I will not change my beliefs to win votes. I will offer a choice, not an echo.”

– Barry Goldwater, presidential campaign announcement, 1/03/1964

Forty-six years ago, Barry Goldwater was on the wrong side of a landslide election – the author of a presidential run notable for two things: (1) its absolute adherence to principles, no matter the political implications; (2) introducing future candidate Ronald Reagan to the American electorate via his memorable “Time for Choosing” speech.

Fast-forward to 2010 and the concept of “choice, not an echo” has reemerged in California’s governor’s race. And, this time, it’s the Democrat running with it.

Jerry Brown’s latest tv ad (title: “Echo”) is nothing more than side-by-side audio-visuals of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Republican candidate Meg Whitman uttering far-too-similar sound bites (Arnold first, Meg second, on all sorts of things from leadership to taxes and spending).

Is the ad effective? Yes.

Here’s why:

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