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Eleventh Circuit Blocks Counterproductive Measures in Alabama Immigration Law

Monday, October 17, 2011

Friday's decision in the Eleventh Circuit which partially blocks parts of the controversial Alabama immigration law illustrates once again the love-hate relationship that this nation, and its various states, have with our immigrant population.  On the one hand, there are the constant cries that immigrant populations steal jobs from American citizens and place a burden on the welfare system.  On the other hand, there are outcries of desperation when large number of immigrants go into hiding, lest they be swept away by state or federal police in raids that do not do this nation proud.

The recent effort by Alabama to require checks of immigrant status in schools is one of those unfortunate measures that is all too effective.  It can literally drive thousands of people from the United States, and often lead to situations where some members of a family are deported while others, having been born in the United States can stay at home.

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(photo credit: Jonathan McIntosh)