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France During the German Occupation, 1940–1944: A Bibliographical Supplement

Wednesday, January 1, 1986

This bibliographical compendium represents the final stage of a long publishing effort initiated in France. La Vie de la France sous l'occupation (1940-1944) was published in 1957 in three volumes by the prominent Parisian publishing house Plon. In 1958. Stanford University Press distributed the English version for the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace. This book consisted of three large volumes containing 292 statements on the government of Maréchal Petain and Pierre Laval. Since 1958, Pierre Laval's daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. de Chambrun, have continued their collecting efforts and regularly dispatched documents to the Hoover Archives. The new documents and the archival inventory have never been published. For that reason, the Hoover Institution has published this shorter, single volume, consisting of summaries and important selections from statements deposited at the Hoover Archives after the publication of the three early bibliographical volumes. The 148 statements have been summarized and occasionally selections from the statements have been made to indicate their importance.

Copyright 1986.