Hoover Hosts the First Ever Silas Palmer Conference!

Friday, October 5, 2018

On August 9th Hoover Library & Archives welcomed former Silas Palmer fellows for a conference celebrating the diverse and dynamic research that has resulted from the fellowship program, now in its fifth year. The conference presenters, pictured below, included Wisam Alshaibi, PhD Candidate in Sociology, UCLA, who spoke on de-ba’thification in Iraq; Nate George, PhD Candidate in History, Rice University, who discussed revolution and empire in Lebanon; Brigitte Stepanov, PhD Candidate in French Studies, Brown University, who spoke on cruelty in 1950s Algeria; Claire Rydell Arcenas,Assistant Professor, University of Montana, who spoke on John Locke and American politics; and Jessica Brandt, Assistant Professor, Montclair State University, who discussed Radio Liberty and Russian dissidence.