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If Gadaffi Uses Chemical Weapons, We Should Destroy Him

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

There are fears in the west that an increasingly desperate Gaddafi will use chemical weapons on his own people in a bid to stay in power.  And why not?  This is a man that clearly will do anything to sit on his throne.   The United States and other countries have already moved military assets into the area.  This makes sense from a humanitarian standpoint.  The civil war in Libya is brutal and we might very well need to participate in a massive humanitarian effort in that country when the rebels win.  But might those forces be used to attack if Gaddafi uses chemical weapons?

I hope so.  I’m not one to advocate intervention very often.  I believe Ronald Reagan struck the right balance:  sometimes you need to send in your forces.  But usually its best to arm those indigenous forces that are on our side. This was the beauty of the Reagan Doctrine.  Don’t send the Marines into Nicaragua;  arm the contras instead.  I’m not advocating that in Libya.  The anti-Gaddafi forces seem to be doing quite well.  There have been substantial defections from the military.  It looks as if the Crazy Colonel may finally meet his demise.

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