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“I’m all for Leaking When It’s Organized”

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Speaking of the oddly-named Bmaz–which I was briefly yesterday–he has flagged an incredible snippet of aPolitico interview with White House chief of staff Bill Daley on the subject of leaks. For those readers who thought Jack and I (here and here and here and here and elsewhere) were overstating or misstating the matter when we talked about the toleration of leaks as a matter of official or near-official policy, this discussion seems to me rather clarifying:

As I’ve noted previously, there has been a hue and cry against the critical and untenable use, and abuse, of secrecy by the United States government. There has always been some abuse of the government’s classified evidence for political gain by various administrations operating the Executive Branch, but the antics of the Obama administration have taken the disingenuous ploy to a new art form.

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