Impostors in the Temple: A Blueprint for Improving Higher Education in America

Friday, September 6, 1996

Imposters in the Temple, a hard-hitting, eye-opening book about the intellectual and moral decay of American universities and colleges, has been updated and expanded in this new paperback edition from the Hoover Institution Press. Martin Anderson—a former White House policy adviser to Presidents Nixon and Reagan and a member of the academic world for more than three decades—takes U.S. academics to task in this powerful book, which has been hailed for its scope and clarity. Topics include the corrupt practices now rampant in our universities; how professors have abandoned the classroom, turning over much of their teaching responsibilities to unqualified students; and how intellectual standards, in both grading and research, have sunk to new lows. Anderson offers a bold blueprint for restoring the intellectual integrity of American universities, one that would allow them to achieve the greatness they are capable of. He concludes on an optimistic note, pointing out that many of our elite universities have recognized the seriousness of the intellectual declines that took place during the 1970s and 1980s and are beginning, quietly and slowly, to clean their academic houses.

Copyright 1996.