Israel’s Grand Strategy Ripples Begin At Home

by Assaf Orion
Tuesday, May 11, 2021
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Israel was born into a state of war, with preponderant and unaccepting neighbors. Against daunting odds, it not only survived but prospered, gradually becoming recognized as a permanent, legitimate country in the Middle East and even a desired partner. Its success stems from its ability to harness its human talent and international networking potential into an advanced defensive enterprise, deftly managing rather than attempting to resolve conflicts.

Israel’s Grand Strategy Rip... by Hoover Institution

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Assaf Orion, retired Israeli brigadier general and defense strategist, is a senior research fellow leading the Israel-China program at Israel’s Institute for National Security Studies, and the Liz and Mony Rueven International Fellow with the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. His last serving position was as head of policy, strategy, and international relations in the Israel Defense Forces.

About the Author

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