July 2019: Updates From the Director's Desk

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Happy Independence Day to the many patrons and friends of the Hoover Library & Archives. As we look forward to the Independence Day holiday, we celebrate the many collections at Hoover that help us better understand war, revolution, peace, and human freedom. Below is a WWI-era poster produced by the U.S. Army Ordnance Department that celebrates the American flag.

This spring and summer Library & Archives staff members have been busy cataloging, preserving, and moving thousands of feet of collections in preparation for the construction of the George Shultz Fellows Building. At the same time, we have been selecting and evaluating collections for our new Digital First/Virtual Library program and working out the processes for converting them from paper to online formats.

We also continue to add significant collections and are celebrating significant acquisitions of collections of economist Friedrich Hayek and of Li Rui, a confidant of Mao who became a critic of the Chinese Communist Party.

As always, we thank the supporters who make world-class collecting and research possible at Hoover.

- Eric Wakin, Director

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