Publication date: December 2022

Demographic forces—declining populations in many countries and surging populations in others, aging societies, and shrinking workforces—have national, regional, and global reverberations. Behind many of today’s news headlines lie critical challenges rooted in worldwide demographic upheaval, with important implications for our future.

New Landscapes of Population Change demonstrates how fertility, life expectancy, and migration, the key demographic drivers, interact to shape this future. Adele Hayutin takes readers on a demographic world tour, focusing her analysis on key regions and countries—the largest economies, selected emerging economies, fast-growing populations, and major political hot spots—that will drive pivotal conversations in the decades ahead. More than 100 compelling and easy-to-read charts illustrate striking comparisons that will help readers develop a comprehensive understanding of how demographics will influence economic security and political stability through the end of our century.

Demographics can be a window into the future. As we consider our national priorities—and those of our allies and adversaries—we must pay attention to how upcoming demographic stresses will impact labor supply, strain economies, influence migration, and more. This book addresses these questions and raises many others as it peers through a demographic lens to examine tomorrow’s most pressing challenges.


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