Obamacare and its Discontents

Tuesday, June 26, 2012
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Editor's note: In anticipation of Thursday's Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Care Act, we have compiled a selection of Defining Ideas essays related to the healthcare law.

1. "The Ignored Facts of American Healthcare" by Scott W. Atlas (12/13/2010)

Highly publicized rankings deride the American health care system. But the facts tell another story.

2. "The Disregarded Option of American Healthcare" by Scott W. Atlas (2/6/2011)

We need individual empowerment, not government centralization.

3. "Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise" by John F. Cogan, R. Glenn Hubbard, and Daniel P. Kessler (4/27/2011)

Five steps to a better health care system.

4. "Nanny Runs Amok" by Henry Miller (7/13/11)

Social engineering, Obamacare-style.

5. "Obamacare vs. the Commerce Clause" by Richard A. Epstein (8/21/2011)

If Congress can regulate health care, it can regulate everything under the sun.

6. "Obamacare's Other Unconstitutional Provision," by Clint Bolick (12/16/2011)

An agency uncontrollable by Congress, unreviewable by the courts, and virtually unrepealable.

7. "The 'Commerce Clause Mandate'" by James Huffman (1/17/2012)

Obamacare will test the Supreme Court's devotion to individual liberty.

8. "The Car Insurance Model" by Scott W. Atlas (2/2/2012)

We need to hold individuals accountable for reckless, voluntary behaviors that drive up the cost of healthcare.

9. "Obamacare's Bully Mandate" by Richard A. Epstein (2/14/2012)

Can the federal government seize state revenues to pay for Medicaid?

10. "Obamacare: An Unconstitutional Midadventure" by Richard A. Epstein (3/26/2012)

How the individual mandate unravels the core of the healthcare law.

11. "A Taste of Government-Run Healthcare" by Richard A. Epstein (6/26/2012)

The FDA is a bureaucratic behemoth that threatens public health, stifles drug innovation, and keeps costs high.