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The Omnibus

Wednesday, May 2, 2012
  • "[W]omen typically are in charge of health care decisions for their families in America. These choices inarguably will be restricted in at least four major ways under Obamacare." Read Dr. Scott Atlas in The Washington Times.
  • "About 10 months ago, more than 400 'regular' Californians from around the state gathered for a weekend in Torrance to discuss major issues facing California. It was the first-ever California Deliberative Poll, sponsored by reformers, academics and foundations. A random sample of Californians sat down, discussed and analyzed some important matters. It was a remarkable experience in honest-to-goodness democracy." In The Sacramento Bee, Hoover's David Davenport and Lenny Mendonca of California Forward report on what these Californians say they want done to the initiative process.