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Pension Reform? Don’t Count It Out … Yet

Friday, May 14, 2010

An interesting article in the San Jose Mercury News on Governor Schwarzenegger’s determination to pull off public pension reform in this, his last year in office.

Schwarzenegger: a pensive look -- and maybe a pension deal?

Arnold’s opening salvo to legislative Democrats:  work with me to cut back on state workers’ pension and trim current employees’ salaries, or brace yourselves for the unavoidable snip-snip-snip of the public safety net.

The temptation is to dismiss this kind of tough talk (Arnold calls it a “Sophie’s Choice” between reform or cuts) as just so much bluff and bravado — the opening round of a budget dance that’s all but certain to go beyond the July 1 deadline, through the rest of the summer, and perhaps well into the fall.

But if you consider the larger dynamics at play in Sacramento, it’s a smart ploy by the Governor.

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