Policy innovation and intellectual discoveries have long been a standard at the Hoover Institution. As the world has become increasingly digital, Hoover has continually adopted the best content distribution platforms to make Hoover research breakthroughs available to the public, accessible to everyone. Podcasts are one such platform that Hoover has adopted in recent years. The rapidly growing podcast industry allows Hoover fellows to connect directly with audiences without the barriers of typical mainstream media. Hoover’s foray into podcasting has seen great success, with a network of currently eight podcasts produced by the Hoover Institution in addition to a catalogue of podcasts hosted by fellows on other networks. These podcasts range in topics from legal issues, political analysis, and economics to US-China Relations and more.

If you enjoy the research of the Hoover Institution, you might enjoy listening to Hoover fellows talk about their research and analysis of current affairs in this more intimate setting. Check out the current podcast offerings of the Hoover Institution below, and if you enjoy them, don’t forget to rate, review, and subscribe to each one.

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Hoover Institution Podcasts


Area 45
Each week, host Bill Whalen interviews guests on a variety of topics related to governing in the current political climate.

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The Classicist
Victor Davis Hanson analyzes ongoing issues of national security and current affairs in light of conflicts of the past.

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Host John Villasenor and guests provide insights and analysis on the technology, policy, and legal issues associated with ensuring cybersecurity in an increasingly complex technology environment.

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The Libertarian
Richard Epstein analyzes national developments in public policy and the law.

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The Pacific Century
John Yoo and Michael Auslin analyze America’s foreign relations in Asia and how China appears poised to become our nation’s greatest rival for global power and influence.

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Reasonable Disagreements
Richard Epstein and Adam White discuss major legal and policy issues and debate points of disagreement between their libertarian and conservative perspectives.

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Security by the Book
Jack Goldsmith hosts monthly interviews with authors of new and important national security–oriented books and publications.

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Uncommon Knowledge
Peter Robinson interviews today’s big thinkers on their views about the world.

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Podcasts Hosted by Hoover Fellows


Crossing Lines with Lanhee Chen
Lanhee Chen converses with leading political players impacting our nation's policies, followed by commentary about the week’s major events.

Listen here: Ricochet | Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | PodBean | Overcast 



Russ Roberts interviews an eclectic mix of people on how economics emerges in theory and practice.

Listen here: WebsiteApple Podcasts | Stitcher | Overcast | Spotify 



Education Exchange
A weekly podcast highlighting education policy news, hosted by Paul E. Peterson.

Listen here: WebsiteSoundCloud | Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Google Play 



Law Talk With Epstein, Yoo & Senik
Richard Epstein, John Yoo, and Troy Senik discuss the hot issues of today from a legal perspective.

Listen here: Ricochet | Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Overcast 

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