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Poizner’s Latest: Old Issue, Good Timing

Friday, May 14, 2010

An old issue -- her voting record -- could cause new problems for Meg Whitman

At first glance, you might wonder why Steve Poizner’s campaign decided to dredge up the issue of Meg Whitman’s spotty voting record.  In a new tv ad, he claims she didn’t bother to vote for 28 years — an allegation Team Whitman denies.

It’s not as if Poizner is breaking entirely new ground here. You might recall that she was raked over the coals, over the very same topic, at last fall’s state party convention — a bad press conference that turned into several days of more bad coverage as the Whitman campaign tried to sort through her voting past (or lack thereof).

“I was focused on raising a family, on my husband’s career, and we moved many, many times,” she told reporters at the time. “It is no excuse. My voting record, my registration record, is unacceptable.”

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