Revolution: The Reagan Legacy

Monday, October 1, 1990

Revolution: the Reagan Legacy gives a vivid account of how Reagan came to power, the way he governed, and the people around him—Bush, Haig, Deaver, Weinberger, Shultz, Stockman, Jim Baker, Don Regan, Casey, North—right through a detailed analysis of the Iran-Contra affair. Anderson, called the "intellectual powerhouse behind policy" and "the invisible man" in Reagan's White House," presents a clear and thought-provoking assessment of Ronald Reagan's legacy to the United States and the world. In a new chapter written especially for this edition, based on an exclusive interview with President Reagan after he left office, Martin Anderson reveals Reagan's thinking about issues that were controversial during his presidency:

  • What he meant when he called the Soviet Union an "evil empire"—and why he did it.
  • Reagan's role as prime mover behind Star Wars —how he decided to give the order to begin developing a nuclear missile defense
  • The secret Reagan/Andropov correspondence in 1983—including a copy of Reagan's handwritten letter to Andropov and its consequences for nuclear disarmament negotiations

Copyright 1990.