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Senate Witness Protection

Friday, May 7, 2010

In case you missed it, the three Republicans vying to unseat Sen. Barbara Boxer took part in a face-to-face debate last night — significant in that it was the first time all three were in the same room, on the same stage, at the same time.

Part of me wonders: what do Californian Republicans have against ice hockey? Last Sunday’s gubernatorial debate coincided with the second game of the San Jose Sharks/Detroit Red Wings series (literally, down the street, as both events took place in downtown San Jose). Last night’s Senate debate coincided with game four of the series, in Detroit.

Think this has something to do with the healthcare? Republicans hate Obamacare and Canadian healthcare . . . so, by default, they must hate Canada’s favorite past-time.

Or maybe it’s as simple as unfortunate timing — and a good argument for getting a DVR (not that the Senate debate was televised anywhere last night; it will be aired Sunday statewide on local ABC stations).

As for the GOP primary, the emerging this week was electability, at the expense of ideological purity.

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