Silas Palmer Fellow Nnamdi Igbokwe Explores Nigeria's "Capitalist Militician"

Monday, April 9, 2018
colonel yohanna madaki article
colonel yohanna madaki article
Article on Colonel Yohanna Madaki and his time as Governor of Gongola State.

In March Silas Palmer fellow Nnamdi Igbokwe, a PhD Candidate in Political Economy at Johns Hopkins University, visited Hoover to research for a book project on the history of corruption in Nigeria.

Ibbokwe's investigation explores the evolution of what he terms Nigeria’s “Capitalist Militician”TM – the hybridized melding of military officer, politician, and agent of capital accumulation and distribution in Nigeria, who exists as a singular triumvirate public figure and operates at the nexus of politics, economics, and state institutions. Igbokwe commented, "After investigating the contents of 13 collections and over 150 boxes in total, the Hoover Archives has undoubtedly proved crucial to the completion of my doctoral research as it held an unparalleled multiplicity of global economic and policy collections that enabled me to uncover a far more exhaustive history relating to my research on the evolution of the modern world economy."